Lagavulin 1993 Distiller’s Edition

Yes it is true. I have a new member of the family. Along with being passionate about Agile and Lean Software Development, the Lagavulin Single Malt is also a passion of mine. If you have a soft spot for Islay scotches I recommend it with all my being. It is a wonderful 1993 Lagavulin that has been double matured. The following is a quote from the review:

“The answer is a definitive yes when considering any Lagavulin bottling, but even more so when its the 16-year Distiller’s Edition. This bottling is finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks for several months, after nearly 16 years in its initial bourbon cask. The sherry cask (Pedro Ximenez being the most unctuous and sweet of all sherries) has the effect of adding body, flavor, and color to the already very, very good Lagavulin 16-year (their most common official bottling).

The scotch is orange-amber in appearance with occasional greenish glints on the surface. The nose is a mix of bonfires, smoke, barbecue roasted pork, caramel sweets, and the smoky smell that lingers on your clothes the day after you’ve spent all night sitting in front of a bonfire beside a lake on a cool summer evening. The palate is dense and textured, with flavors of smoke and bonfires, overripe, melt-in-your-mouth raspberries, crushed black szechuan pepper, and caramel. The finish starts bitter with abundant smoke that gives way to savory toffee sweetness which itself slowly gives over to cotton candy.”

It is overwhelmingly good and the flavours are balanced perfectly. Highly recommended dram for a cool spring evening.

Author: Terry Bunio

Terry Bunio is passionate about his work as the Manager of the Project Management Office at the University of Manitoba. Terry oversees the governance on Information Technology projects to make sure the most important projects are being worked on in a consistent and effective way. Terry also provides leadership on the customized Project Methodology that is followed. The Project Methodology is a equal mix of Prince2, Agile, Traditional, and Business Value. Terry strives to bring Brutal Visibility, Eliminating Information islands, Right Sizing Documentation, Promoting Collaboration and Role-Based Non-Consensus, and short Feedback Loops to Minimize Inventory to the Agile Project Management Office. As a fan of pragmatic Agile, Terry always tries to determine if we can deliver value as soon as possible through iterations. As a practical Project Manager, Terry is known to challenge assumptions and strive to strike the balance between the theoretical and real world approaches for both Traditional and Agile approaches. Terry is a fan of AWE (Agile With Estimates), the Green Bay Packers, Winnipeg Jets, and asking why?

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